About the project

'Using information and communication techonologies ICT for economic development and an improvement in quality of life among the citizens of Nowy Sacz subregion'

The projest is realised within the scope of the Malopolska Regional Operational Programme for 2007-2013. Operations 1.2 The development of the information society co-funded from the European Regional Development Fund.

Project  description:
The project comprises the following components: new management systems and supplying e-services (financial-accounting, an application to service the population records, an application to service the register office, Geographic Information System- GIS, system which enable supplying educational and related services, e.g. services in the scope of an educational platform- on-line EduSacz; equipment and software which enable digitizing and publishing assets of 'Sandecjana' in the Web; platform of electronic communication within the administration); equipment which enable realising of a digital signature; systems which make possible an improvement in security of flowing and storing informations/data in the Office: building and expanding of data system transfer; specialist software: equipment which enable an efficient administration work. Introduction of all project components will cause strengthening of development of modern technologies in Nowy Sacz as an instrument of supplying administration services for population. This undertaking will improve an administration work what is the main aim of the project.

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